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Are you listed in local search?

March 17, 2010 by Glenn Boothe 6 Comments

Local search is more important than ever. If your business is not currently listed in local search stop everything you are doing and take a few minutes to take care of that situation. (links below)

The stats are impressive and cannot be ignored.

  1. There are more than 10 billion unique searches a month in the US
  2. 40% + of those searches have local intent

Rather than try to explain how local search works I figured watching this Google Video would be the quickest and easiest way for you to get the overview.

There is some great news - it is EASY to get added to local search and of course Google isn't the only game in town....just the most important. :)  

So get out there and register - you'll be glad you did!

Web Station's Google Local Listing

Comments (6) -

Dr. Christian Yaste
United States Dr. Christian Yaste said:

Local Search is a GREAT tool to help people find you!  We have used it for a while thanks to Glenn and his team at Webstation.  Local Search helps people find a sedation dentist, cosmetic dentist, and implant dentist in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Ballantyne Center for Dentistry

Thomas Sayle
United States Thomas Sayle said:

We took Glenn's advice about 2 months ago and setup a Local Business Center page with Google.  

Tracking those people that find us through that site has been amazing.  Our website receives about 7 hits a day just from the Local Business Center!!

Stop wasting money in the phone book and put it into your web presence, you will not be disappointed.

OneBridge Communications, LLC

Rod Johnson
United States Rod Johnson said:

Good idea Glenn.  This was alot easier than I thought and great to know who's searching me and where I need to focus my sales efforts.

Lucas Concrete Products, Inc.

United States Mary said:

Local search is great but I'm a bit puzzled on how it shows up in different areas. Is there a way to broaden the area, and include several zip codes the company provides service in?

Glenn Boothe
United States Glenn Boothe said:


You can enter multiple locations for a business in Local search. You will need to verify each address independently. Good luck!


Justin Parrish
Belize Justin Parrish said:

Great Post G-Man. I passed this information along to Snyder Creative up in Philly. I thought that it would help them out with their brand new site www.snydercreative.net ...